Step One

Don't think, book!

If you're even a little bit interested in one of the packages on offer please feel to pencil in a tentative shoot date booking with our online booking system. It takes 2 minutes to fill out and will give us a starting point to start a chat!

It's 100% obligation free and we don't take payment until after the shoot.

No deposit, no fuss, no worries. Let's chat!

Common Questions When Booking

Step Two

Let's Chat

Here's where we do the legwork. Apart from the logistics around the time, location and people involved this is the time we chat about what's needed to make sure you tell the story you need to tell - as much information about the product, people and history the better.

Furthermore if you've chosen a package that requires a shotlist this is the point where you jot down what we're needing to photograph.

Common Questions while Organising

Step Three

Let's get creative

This is where all our planning in step two has led. Face Digital endeavors to offer a smooth experience on the day - we get what you need, have a few laughs and enjoy the process. 

Overall we want this to be a fun time and one which really helps your business get it's message across in both photography and video.

Common Questions on the Day

Booking FAQs:

It's a simple process, but here are a few things we get asked.

Have a question that isn't answered here? Get in touch with us at [email protected].

Do I need to pay anything when I book?

Absolutely not. The booking form is just so you can see available dates let us know roughly what you need and when you need it.

Am I locked in to the date I choose when booking?

Absolutely not. It's normal that dates and times change. We're just interested in a ballpark idea of when you're thinking we need to produce the video for our planning and for yours.

How long does it take for you to get back to me?

We will always get back to you within 24 hours, however you can generally expect a reply email within 4-6 hours.

I'm not sure what I want - which package should I choose?

That's very common. If you can, pick a package which seems 'close enough' and if we need more or less time for the project we can alter the package accordingly. If you're really struggling there's an option to choose 'custom request' at the bottom of the services list. Note, please only select this as a last resort as the booking times for packages are super helpful to us during busy periods to make sure we can service all our clients.

What should I expect when you get back to me?

This is further explained in the 'step two - let's chat' section of this page but expect an email asking for a brief overview of your project. A simple 'who', 'what', 'when', 'where' and 'why' is basically all we're after to start formulating a shoot plan.

I tried calling you directly but there was no answer!

Sorry! Phones are on silent during shoots and calls can be occasionally missed. Leave a voicemail if you'd like, but we will call you back!

What's the process?

Firstly, it's crucial have a brief 30 minute catchup - face to face is preferred although a zoom call can be arranged. This is to bounce ideas around and to get a sense of what we can produce together. Following that, the rest of the planning is done via Email.

Essentially we're looking to get a 'Who' , 'What' , 'When' , 'Where' and 'Why' for the project.

What do you need from me?

Firstly, decide on what you would like - depending on the package, For example, this would be any combination of videos that would fit in to 3 minutes (or whichever package the customer chooses). Fx: 1 minute about us, 1 minute social media promo and 1 minute of b-roll content for web-banners etc, or 2 minutes of Social media content plus 1 minute of b-roll of packaging for webshop, etc.

For photography you need to decide on what you'd like photographed. We will provide you with this: (link) shotlist template to jot down a few ideas on, namely the most important ones, to make sure you get exactly what you need.

What's a shot list?Download ours here: PDF Word

A shot list is a simple little list of exactly what you need photographed on the day. We can always shoot more than what's on the list, however it's helpful to have written down exactly what you need from the shoot to ensure we don't miss a thing. This might be making sure to get a particular staff member's portrait, or perhaps making sure you get a shot of staff member 1 and 2 together so you've got it for their big project coming up, or making sure to get a shot of staff member 3 holding that new product you've got coming out in a month's time.

A link to the handy Face Digital shot list can be found above, however you can jot it down however you like.

How do I decide what I'm going to say on camera?

For the video we encourage people to think up some brief dot points of what they'd like to say for the about-us page, and I can prompt you on the day by asking questions from them.
For example, if you were to jot down "talk about how we started" we can ask you as we film "Can you tell me a little bit about how you started?". This effectively turns it into more of an interview and in our experience it's easier and more natural than scripting the whole thing, however if you're more comfortable memorising a script you're more than welcome to do so.

The content you deliver can be in Danish or English, though as we're yet to master Danish you'll need to make sure that the content you present is accurate and clear.

Organising FAQs:

Here's where we formulate our shoot plan. We'll go in to a bit of depth but it's all aimed to make sure the day goes smoothly.

Have a question that isn't answered here? Get in touch with us at [email protected].

On the shoot FAQs:

This is the fun bit! Everything that happens on the shoot and beyond.

Have a question that isn't answered here? Get in touch with us at [email protected].

How long does a shoot take?

Upon arrival we generally take about 10- 20 minutes to scout the location (if not done prior) and set up equipment. The shooting experience differs for every unique assignment, but once set up filming generally ends up taking about 45 minutes for each minute of final footage produced.
Tear down usually takes about 10 minutes or so.

Where should we have the shoot?

We work on-location, so we'll always work with what we have available however there's a few things that make a great spot for photos and videos:

- A large, clear space is ideal. There's a fair amount of equipment to set up so having room to move is essential. Furthermore, we don't shoot up against walls, subjects are always 2-3 meters away from them, so take that in to account.

- Somewhere with a backdrop relevant to your business, for instance, looking out over a workshop or in an office space overlooking the city. If something relevant is not an option, try thinking about a space that has company colours or logos. Failing that we can make any space look nice so don't stress!

- Somewhere quiet and away from prying eyes. Furthermore, although a little out-of-vogue, carpeted areas can be helpful to minimise sound reverberation.

What do I need to bring on the day?

Most importantly you need to bring yourself and anything you need for the shoot including appropriate clothing, products and props (for instance a laptop if you need shots of someone looking at a website, for instance).
We bring everything that's required to produce the shot from a technical perspective and usually some snacks too.

Can you do hair and makeup?

Not at this stage. If you'd like hair and makeup services you'll need to hire someone yourself. Please ensure hair and makeup is complete before the scheduled start of shooting.

I'm really nervous, what if I make a mistake on camera?

Don't sweat it. Even Hollywood superstars stumble, trip over words and get tongue tied. It's a normal part of the production process and will definitely happen - the main thing is to not get upset with yourself about it. We use digital nowadays and there's no risk of running out of film, we can do it again until you're happy with how it sounds. Small umms, ahhs and other mistakes are easily fixed in post.

How long does editing take?

The entire process varies wildly in overall time, as it's influenced by the speed at which changes are decided upon on both ends, however we endeavor for smaller projects to have the process completed within a week.

Do I get a chance to make changes to the video?

We break down editing in to versions. The first, v1, is a content review - designed to give a rough idea of how the content will look and to make sure everything you want to say has been included and to cut content that may not be relevant. Depending on the package chosen this can be ready for review in as little as 36 hours.

Once those changes have been made a v2 is produced - this round of review intends to chop out any remaining unwanted content and to approve the b-roll in the version.

From here, usually on larger projects, revisions can be bounced back and forth up to 5 more times however generally the v3 is pretty close to a final.

A final then is produced with any remaining polishing done to it for review.

This entire process is handled step by step and usually via email. You'll receive clear direction on what needs to be decided upon at each stage.

What format does the content come in?

We can export to multiple file formats, though generally you'll receive high resolution JPEG files as well as .DNG raw files for all supplied images. For video we supply .mp4 files encoded in the h.264 codec, but can happily provide most other codecs or containers should you need them.