They created ideel with the purpose of doing things better.

Every year, billions of plastic and aluminum capsules are created, most of them ending up in landfills and water systems around the world.

Each bean is hand-picked and carefully selected, depending on its age, shape, color etc. Thanks to south Ethiopia’s perfect climate for growing coffee, there is no need for adding pesticides. More than 90% of Ethiopian coffee is grown naturally.

The capsule they use is the perfect example of a circular economy and was named “Currently the most environmentally friendly coffee capsule” by the Nova Institute in Germany.

The coffee is grown and harvested in the highlands, by small scale farming communities. This places are so remote they are only accessible by donkeys. Later it is either washed or dried, before being shipped to Copenhagen, where it is roasted.

The new, “ideel way” means specialty coffee, in a Home-Compostable capsule, sustainably delivered to your doorsteps.

They collaborate with small scale and sustainable farmers, the ones moving away from destructive mono-crop plantations. The farmers who can’t afford “one size fits all” certificates, such as Fair Trade or organic labels.

Photography Supplied

Headshots as well as stock and product use images. Approximately 10~ scenes with 28 photographs/variations supplied.