The beginning

Back in 2018 Lili was sitting in her dorm room at Brunel University, London and came up with a crazy idea.

This idea would become the basis of her thesis project and later also the idea from which Wair was born.

For the past 2 years the idea of Wair has been developed and they actually managed to pull it off!

Vaer is the first company in the world that is producing upcycled sneakers on scale, and  are ready to apply their knowledge about textile upcycling to other products.

In order to come closer to a waste-free fashion industry, they have put together a team of amazing sustainability nerds and designers that are working together day-in-day-out on solving the problem of textile-waste overload.

Find out more and check out their website

Vaer Website

Photography Supplied

Mixed shoot of headshots and product interaction.
Approximately 10~ scenes with 64 photographs/variations supplied.