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What was provided

The change

Meum was born from a sense of frustration.

A frustration at the lack of choice women have in sustainable, women-specific shavers available on subscription. Mathilde took on the challenge and made the change.

Bamboo is in principle an inexhaustible resource as it is the fastest growing plant on earth. In addition, bamboo is harder and more durable than many types of wood and absorbs more C02 during its lifetime than is released during production

There are many things Meum works for with a great passion. In addition to sustainability and exposure of all bodies and women, we also work against the pink tax – better known as the pink tax.

The pink tax is a phenomenon that is often attributed to a form of gender-based price discrimination on various products. On average, products specifically marketed to women cost 7% more than products marketed to men, even if they are the same product. Meum plans to change that. They therefore set the prices of our products based on quality – and not their customers.

Women who have helped make Meum the company it is today. Meum has only been created on the basis of the help, support and interest it has received through the start-up of the company. A support they will always be grateful for.

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Photography Supplied

Mix of headshots and product photography, approximately 10 scenes and 50 images/variations provided.